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M2L Research TEAM


I'm a Lecturer in the Faculty of Science at HKU with a background in Applied Mathematics (PhD, Waterloo). I'm currently pursuing a PhD in Education at HKU in formative testing and feedback in secondary and tertiary mathematics. Research interests include 
- mathematics and science education in secondary and tertiary education, 
- students' self-efficacy and interest in science and mathematics, 
- learning experiences online and in the classroom, and 
- postgraduate teaching assistant training.

Current Projects
- Feeding Formative Feedback Forward in Mathematics (Secondary schools and Higher Education): Providing regular quizzes to students on mobile phones, and supporting students in making goals, self-efficacy in mathematics courses, and mathematics interest development.
- Getting Interested: Developing and managing an online tactile tool for students to report their interest

Recently Completed Projects
- Motivating Student Interest: Enhancing the Learning Experience in the Common Core Curriculum: Supporting students in interest development and teachers in obtaining feedback on teaching in general education courses in Science using short 30-sec mobile phone surveys.

Contact: +852 5225 1872

Dr. SHUM, Alexander Sheung Yun

I'm a software developer.  Currently, I’m working at the Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in HKU to develop the new version of "Getting Interested".

Enid Lam

I’m currently an EdD student at HKU. My research interests include: 

-Students’ interest and self-efficacy

-Educational technology (e.g., gamification)

-English language education


Current Projects

- Investigating the shared role of interest and self-efficacy for vocabulary learning achievements in gamified formative assessment with digital badges credentialed

- The playing motivations of male and female gamers and the effects of stereotypes on their motivations in Honour of Kings


Recently Completed Projects

- Utilising gamified formative assessment to support English language learning in schools: A scoping review



Contact: +86 15797783592 or +852 93621191


Chunqi Li

I am currently pursuing a PhD in educational psychology at HKU. I completed my bachelor’s degree in English at Renmin University of China and my master’s degree at Teachers College, Columbia University. My research interests lie in students’ interest and motivation development and its application in real educational settings. I am currently working on a scoping review on situational interest sources in educational settings. 


Zhixing Guo

Dr. Juming Jiang

I am a Post-doctoral Fellow in the Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning at HKU. My research interests include supporting students' learning motivation and interest in offline and online learning environments, with extended reality (i.e., virtual/augmented/mixed reality) and artificial intelligence technologies.


Current Projects

Review studies

-Systematic review of systematic reviews and meta-analyses of simulation learning

-Systematic review of multi-user extended reality learning

-Scoping review of built-in social tools in MOOCS


Empirical studies 

-The effects of extended reality (XR) on students' learning motivation and skill acquisition in architecture

-The effect of augmented reality intervention on health care profession students’ empathy, interest, self-efficacy and knowledge acquisition in eye diseases

-The effects of virtual reality laboratory on interest, self-efficacy and knowledge acquisition in pharmaceutical chemistry

-The effects of entertainment rewards and growth rewards on students' needs satisfaction, intrinsic motivation, engagement and self-efficacy towards learning

-The effect of pseudo-synchronous social experience on belongingness, interest, persistence and achievement in MOOCs

Book chapters

-Quality assurance in higher education in Asia-Pacific region

Recently Completed Projects

-The effects of virtual reality learning on students' motivation: A scoping review

-The effects of readiness and content repetition on interest and its development within social tasks in higher education foundation courses

-Effects of augmented reality on knowledge acquisition in learning eye diseases


Patricia Simon photo.jpg

Dr. Patricia Simon

I’m a postdoctoral fellow at the Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in HKU, and also a licensed psychologist in the Philippines. Given my background in Clinical Psychology, my research interests include the promotion of students’ wellbeing and engagement in virtual classrooms. I am also interested in applying psychological principles for the improvement of educational technologies and for the promotion of environmental sustainability, health, and wellbeing.

Current Projects

​- A systematic review of student engagement research in adaptive learning platforms

- A scoping review of measures of students’ and teachers’ experiences in learning management systems

- Quality assurance in higher education in Asia-Pacific region

Completed Projects

- Behind the scenes of adaptive learning: A scoping review of teachers’ perspectives on the use of adaptive learning technologies

- Climate change discussion with family and friends and media exposure’s influence on support for decarbonization policies in Hong Kong: The mediating role of climate worry


Lishi Liang

I am currently pursuing a PhD in education at HKU. I completed my bachelor's degree in Psychology at Wuhan University and my master's degree in Human Development at The University of Pennsylvania. My research interests include:

- the normal acquisition of reading,

- primary school students' language development, and

- phonological-based instruction.

Current Projects
Review study

- The effectiveness of phonological-based instruction in improving East Asian EFL learners’ reading ability: A scoping review

Book chapter

- Quality assurance in higher education in Asia-Pacific region


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