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Supporting Primary School Students in learning a new language at school

Research based at The University of Hong Kong, Waseda University and Seinan Gakuin University Seeks to:

  1. Support primary school students in developing critical foreign language skills

  2. Develop mobile software solutions for classroom learning

  3. Clarify how students might best learn a new language at school

Current steps towards these aims:

1. Pilot research in Japanese classrooms:

  1. Nakao, K., Oga-Baldwin, W. L. Q., & Fryer, L. K. (2022, Fall). Phonemic awareness as fundamental listening skill: A cross-sectional, cohort study of elementary foreign language learners. Asia Tefl.

  2. Oga-Baldwin, W. L. Q, Nakao, K., Fryer, L. K., & Shum, A. (2022) Development of a smart application for phonological testing in elementary schools: The building blocks of an adaptive test. Poster presented at the 21st International CALL Research Conference, Tokyo, Japan. July 8–10.

  3.  Nakao, K., Oga-Baldwin, W. L., &  Fryer, L. K. (2024). Developing phoneme-grapheme recognition in English as a foreign language: A longitudinal study at Japanese primary school.

Ongoing steps towards these aims:

1. Testing and refining Building Blocks mobile platform for assessing and support students' phonemic awareness 


2. Integrating Building Blocks mobile platform in primary school curricula for semester-long test


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