Three Ways to Join Us

Potential Ph.D. Candidates

Potential PostDocs

Interested Research Collaborators

Potential Ph.D. Candidates

A message for students interested in joining our lab and pursuing a Ph.D. Candidature with us.


First, potential students should have the background necessary to apply for a Hong Kong Postgraduate Fellowship(HKPF). Applying for an HKPF will automatically put you in the running for several other Hong Kong University Scholarships. Two points are central to having a chance at these scholarships: 

1. Having an undergraduate degree from a top International (top-100) or National University (top-1-2% in the country) with excellent marks.

2. Having a graduate degree from a top international university (top-100) with excellent marks. 


Second, you need to have questions that are relevant to our aims as a lab.

Potential PostDocs

A message for PostDocs interested in joining our lab for a year or two. There are annual calls for PostDocs at HKU. If what we are doing interests you and you are nearing the end of your Ph.D. get in touch for a chat before you finish up. Two critical factors for a successful application are the international ranking of your Ph.D. institution and the quality/quantity of outputs from your candidature. 

A message for international research collaborators interested in working with our lab. If you have an idea related to our aims, and a ready context or critical skills we lack... then get in touch for a chat.

Interested Collaborators

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