W. L. Quint Oga-Baldwin

Professor of Education at Waseda University
Teacher trainer
Researcher in the psychology of education and language

Quint's Lab

Waseda University (Tokyo, Japan) and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) are pleased to collaborate with the Motivation2Learn Laboratory on a range of projects. The Oga-Baldwin Laboratory at Waseda ( has hosted Dr. Fryer and members of the M2L Lab on their research trips to Tokyo. Ongoing research projects include investigations of cross-disciplinary learning in lower secondary school, and the development of digital learning tools for use in formal educational settings.

The Positive Psychology and Education Lab

The Positive Psychology and Education Lab  is directed by Dr. Ronnel B. King, Associate Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Macau (Macau SAR, China) is pleased to collaborate with the Motivation2Learn Laboratory. The Positive Psychology and Education Lab focuses on understanding the factors that underpin motivation and well-being in the educational setting and in developing positive psychology/education interventions to enhance these optimal states. Ongoing research projects include (1) a special issue in Educational Psychology Review that focuses on cross-theoretical integration, (2) the investigation of university students' engagement across different Asian contexts, and (3) research into language motivation and learning. 


Ronnel B King

 Associate Professor

University of Macau 

Educational Psychologist


Dan Dinsmore 

Professor, Associate Dean for Research

University of North Florida

Educational Psychologist

The SALT Lab


The Strategies, Assessment, Learning, and Teaching Lab (SALT) is directed by Daniel L. Dinsmore, PhD and located at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, FL, USA. Dan is currently Professor and Associate Dean for Research, External Funding, and Faculty Development. The lab’s work is dedicated to understanding the complex relations in how learners coordinate their learning through their own cognitive and metacognitive processing, how we can assess these processes and learning, and how these relations manifest themselves in classrooms and informal learning situations. We have collaborated with the Motivation2Learn Lab across EPR (2017), BJEP (2018) and Frontline Learning (2020) Special Issues and a HandBook (2020) focusing on advancing learning strategy theories and measurement.