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Advancing University Quality Assurance in East Asia

Mount Fuji

Research based at The University of Hong Kong's Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning seeks to:

  1. Improve and connect quality assurance measures across East Asian Universities. 

  2. Through these connections, establish clear mechanisms for teaching and learning transfer between institutions, states and nations. 

Current steps towards these aims:

1. An empirical pilot of combined HK and  Mainland measure of Quality Assurance:

 Fryer, L. K., Zeng, L. M., & Zhao, Y. (2021). Assessing University and Programme Experiences: Towards an Integrated Asia Pacific Approach. Frontiers in Education, 6, 748590.


2. A theoretical integration of American, British/Australian and (more recent) Chinese perspectives on quality assurance measures:

 Zeng, L. M., Fryer, L. K., & Zhao, M. (in press). Integrating student learning and university engagement models: Toward a comprehensive assessment of the university student experience student learning experience for quality assurance in higher education. Higher Education Quarterly.

Ongoing steps towards these aims:

1. Cross-national (Mainland China, Japan, Korea, Phillipines, Taiwan, and Hong Kong) test of the integrated quality assurance measure from Fryer et al. (2021).

2. Edited Springer Book (Spring 2023) presenting 15+ studies, commentaries and direction for the East Asian universities regarding quality assurance.

3. A Symposium on East Asian University Quality Assurance Measurement and Networking: Spring 2023, The University of Hong Kong.

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